Here is the Most Effective Complete Guide of Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing on Instagram is being popular nowadays. It's giving higher value also trust to your Brands.
Advertising and marketing through the digital channel are called digital marketing right, In the same way, advertising and marketing through social channels and platforms are called Social-Media Marketing.

Tips For Instagram Marketing

Today's blog post I will tell you, Benefits or objective of social Media Marketing, How to choose social media marketing platform, What are the organic and Paid Marketing and social media marketing tools. Let's start with an example

Complete Guide of Social Media Marketing

Basics of social media marketing

Here we learn the term used in Social Media Marketing, in short, the basics of social media marketing.

Brand Awareness or Product Awareness

Brand awareness is a process when people learn more about your brand and product in detail. If people learn more then they will buy more. awareness of the brand may include the qualities that distinguish the product from its competition.
A Digital Marketer Neil Patel publish valuable content on Youtube and Instagram related to Digital Marketing. That Can help people who want to learn digital marketing. Neil publishing content on the social platform this technique called Brand Awareness or Product awareness. For the many new people knows about him, his company and about his services. It is the most valuable part of Social media marketing.

Organic and Paid Marketing:

If you sell your product and service without investing a Single Doller, it called organic marketing. Assume Neil got 100000 views on youtube from that 2000 people to buy his SEO Services, it's can be called Organic marketing.
On the other hand, He runs an advertisement on Facebook business manager apps is of 200$ and makes a 500 Sells of his Keyword Research tools "Ubersuggest". its called paid marketing.


Re-marketing is the most power-full way to target the Same people(Who had visited your website) on Facebook and youtube or google through paid campaigning.  It generates more sales than we target new people.
In paid Marketing, we spent 50% of the Budget to target new users who did not know about us. Another 50 % budget we use to target those who had heard about us before.

Potential of Social Media Marketing:

Social media are addictive among people, youngsters. You can see Users of Facebook, Instagram is increasing day by day. You can Check the bellow chart of users use Social Media Platforms in the USA.

Potential of Social Media Marketing

Objectives of Social Media Marketing:

  1. Brand Awareness, Anyone Can Use Social Media Marketing for building their brand.
  2. Influence Growing, People can Use Social Media to Grow their influence on their Customers. It Makes more sales 
  3. Generate New Leads, Millions of People contact can be collected through Social Media marketing who had some interest in your Product or Services. Those people can be converted to your customers in the future.
  4. Website traffic, You can take thousands of new people to your website or Apps through Social Media. 
  5. Growth In Sales, You can generate more sales through Social Media advertisements.
  6. Bost Your Engagement, The maximum number of people discuss your brand, it makes a very good signal to the Search engine for higher rank.
  7. Customer Support and Feedback, Feedback and Support is the two big factor in your brand and company. You collect both through social media very easily.
  8. Creating Groups, Community, Chats, It makes always a higher value to your customer.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms :

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram 
  3. Youtube - Good For Organic Marketing 
  4. Linkedin - Good For Organic Marketing
  5. Twitter 
  6. Tiktok - Good For Organic Marketing
  7. Quora
  8. Pinterest
  9. Whatsapp
  10. Medium 

How to choose the right platform for Your business: 

it is not that every channel is good for your business. For choosing the right channel you have to see, type of your business, type of your target audience, You can use the bellow infographics for more knowledge

How to choose the right platform for Your business

Best Tool For Social media Marketing: 

You know that "Content Is King". So, you have to try to Create Creative, high Quality also which provides value to the customer whenever you post something. Because it is a game of engagement. So, the question is how to create high-quality creative content? There are many tools available for making the content. See the tools bellow

Graphics: Canva, Crello, Stancil, Snappa

Video Making: Animato, Animaker, Adobe Premiere Pro

Social Media Management: Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Pilot

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